Recommendations from the Women's Cell for Increasing Security on Campus

These suggestions are as follows:
1. The R.V.S. College of Engineering & Technology, Dindigul, security should be tightened up by implementing the following guidelines:
(a) There should be greater vigilance on roads, especially at night, as lots of girls return from their labs and library at that time.
(b) A record should be maintained of young people with instances of past anti- social behavior with their photo identities so as to avert future problems.
(c) The ID cards of those loitering should be checked and their families informed about untoward behavior so as to check and control such incidents
(d) The security personnel should be given further guidance about the need to understand the academic nature of activities because of which boys and girls return late at night.

2. A general announcement regarding this incidence should be exposed in order to seek active help from residents in maintaining vigilance.

3. Parents of the culprit in the particular case may be officially urged to strictly control their ant-social activities to maintain the safety of the campus residents.

Based on the feedback from the Women's Cell, the Chair Person of Women's Cell initiated immediate follow-up action.

1. Increased patrolling by security staff both in uniform and mufti.
2. A shuttle to be operated through the night either regularly or on call basis.
3. Street lights at all locations which are currently dark - specifically near Library, Labs, Staff canteen.
4. Establish and make known to all clear routes which would be intensively patrolled at night.
5. Closed Circuit TV cameras.
6. All newly built cabin to be manned 24 hours.

The Women's Cell would like students, faculty and staff to suggest and participate in the confidence building measures that will ensure the safety of women on this Campus.

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